Equine Cold Water Spa


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Look no further at our Equine Cold Water Spa if you are looking for a natural and effective way to speed up your horse’s recovery. After a tough workout or injury, not only does it provide immediate relief for sore muscles and joints but it also improves circulation. As a result it helps prevent future injuries. Your horse will experience reduced inflammation with our spa, increased mobility and flexibility, and overall conformation improvement .

Successfully addresses virtually all lower leg injuries besides tendon and ligament injuries utilizing GMP Farm’s Equine Cold Water Spa. Equally and as important, GMP Farm’s Equine Cold Water Spa helps treat laminitis, splints, sore shins, open wounds, and hoof conditions. Treat your equine partner to the ultimate relaxation and recovery experience with GMP Farm’s Equine Cold Water Spa!

The ECB Equine Cold Water Spa uses cold salt hydrotherapy to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries in 2°C /35°F saltwater.
Cold Water Spa
GMP Farms Cold Water Spa
Equine Cold Water Spa

As an effective and drug-free therapy, Cold Salt hydrotherapy for horses can be used for rehabilitation. Additionally, it works as well for injury prevention. It increases mobility and reduces swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training. The cold temperature of the water in the equine spa rapidly increases blood circulation across the body. This allows for pain relief and reduces any bruising, swelling, and inflammation. Tissue damage is repaired and recovery time is reduced. The addition of salt allows for many benefits. Salt water therapy reduces inflammation and helps further the natural healing process of an injury.


Discover the benefits while your horse is in Training when you couple therapies such as our Thermal Imaging before using our Cryotherapy treatment and see the difference it makes after with your own eyes!

Located 15-20 minutes to Saratoga Race course – www.nyra.com and stay up to date for the 2023 meet. Additionally look for tips in the www.saratoga.com‘s daily paper and or pink slip.

When choosing your next treatment for your Equine Athlete, consider your stay at The Brunswick B&B.  Also, the beautiful, historic UNION GABLES B&B for your own R&R. You can also visit Sacred Spa and Wellness located right on GMP Farm’s grounds. Treat yourself to a Holistic approach in overall fitness and wellness.

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