Equine Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy. Cold hydrotherapy for horses is an effective and drug-free therapy that can be used for rehabilitation as well as injury prevention. It increases mobility and reduces swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training.is a wellness treatment that utilizes cold to provide natural and effective pain relief and recovery.

How it Works

This device releases C02 gas at -108°F (-78°C) at a high pressure 50 bar (756 psi), reducing skin surface temperature of the injured area to 39°F (4°C) within 30 seconds. This induces the Cryo-therapeutic effect whereby blood flow to the injured area is rapidly increased delivering healing proteins, collagen, anti-oxidants and all the body needs to repair the area whilst simultaneously removing the toxins and reducing inflammation.

Equine Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a natural treatment for horses that aids greatly in horse rehabilitation and long-term pain management. After treating a horse’s condition using cryotherapy, research has shown that as well as recovery time increasing, the risk of relapse and reoccurring injury is reduced.

Treating horses regularly with CryoTherapy is highly beneficial even if they aren’t injured. Cryotherapy increases blood circulation contributing to their overall wellbeing and physical activity. Mobility increases allowing them to move more efficiently strengthening muscles and joints and reducing the risk of future injuries and conditions. 

Equine Cryotherapy
  • Enhanced recovery time
  • Significant reductions in inflammation and pain
  • Faster and more efficient recovery of many injuries including tendon and ligament injuries, muscle sprains and joint injuries
  • A higher than normal success rate in treating and rehabilitating conditions such as arthritis and other joint diseases, tendonitis, dermatitis, torticollis, epicondylitis, bursitis and synovitis, cellulitis, sciatica, and many more
  • The enhanced healing process of bruising, scars, wounds, and sutures
  • An increase in the amplitude of movement and mobility for the horse is beneficial post-surgery and for horse rehabilitation
  • Controlled swelling and quick drainage of horse haematomas
  • Treatments relieve tight and strained muscles pre and post-racing or training
  • Effective for long-term pain management for horses as there are no negative side effects of cryotherapy
  • A higher resilience to future injury and reduced risk of relapse


Discover the benefits while your horse is in Training when you couple therapies such as our Thermal Imaging before using our Cryotherapy treatment . See the difference it makes after with your own eyes!

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