Equine Thermal Imaging

Equine Thermal Imaging, also known as Thermography is a non-invasive monitoring tool that uses the very latest infrared imaging equipment and computer software. Using these techniques, our knowledgeable team is able to detect minute differences in the horses thermal and neural condition. More importantly, it enables us to identify trauma quickly and efficiently. Veterinary thermal imaging uses a camera to measure a patients body surface temperatures.

Equine Thermography – a  technique to evaluate your Equine patient

Equine thermal imaging uses a medical-grade infrared camera to measure the temperatures emitted from the body surface.  The software converts temperature data into images that evaluate the patient’s physiology.  These color images provide a physiological map of the patient. This allows veterinarians to see thermal patterns and impressions unique to that patient.  Any abnormal pattern warrants further evaluation.

Medical-grade infrared imaging systems equipped with veterinary-specific software makes reading thermal images intuitive for GMP Farm’s clinicians.  With colors representing temperatures in the thermal image, clinicians can easily identify unexpected areas of increased or decreased temperatures.  Each of these areas warrants further investigation and consideration of etiology.

Equine Thermal Imaging
Equine Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging uses a camera to measure an Equine patient’s body surface temperatures. This veterinary-specific software converts the temperatures into images that help evaluate physiology. Early identification of the location of an injury helps to prevent further trauma and helps the treating vet to make a decision on treatment needed, and to monitor recovery.


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