Spring 2023 Press Release Coming Soon

GMP Farm is thrilled to announce that we are fully prepared for the upcoming 2023 season! We have all the latest equipment and technology to give your horses the competitive edge they need to win. And that’s not all! Our state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chamber is now available for use! This revolutionary technology will help your horses recover from injuries faster, build endurance, and even improve their overall health. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your horses the best care possible. Come and experience the benefits of our hyperbaric oxygen chamber for yourself! We also offer a number of State of the Art Services while you are there. Check out our website at www.GMPfarm.net to see what our team can do for you today and for our most current press release coming soon!

Discover the benefits when you couple therapies such as our Thermal Imaging before the various types of therapies and treatments we offer and see the difference it makes after with your own eyes!

Located 15-20 minutes to Saratoga Race course – www.nyra.com and stay up to date for the 2023 meet and look for tips in the www.saratoga.com‘s daily paper and or pink slip.

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