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GMP Farm’s State of the Art Barns were carefully designed with your Equine Athlete in mind. Detailed oriented, integral and safe. Therefore, with our expert team leading the way, inquire to come see the forerunners utilizing and perfecting Equine Science .

  • State-of-the Art Temperature Controlled Barns: Our horses have access to a temperature-controlled barns. As a result, they can feel cozy through all seasons.
  • Stalls: GMP Farm’s stalls are stalls are designed to maximize horse safety and comfort. Certainly, this increaces spaces to house up to 80 horses in our two state-of-the-art barns.
  • Air Circulation: GMP barns in fact, are specially designed with powerful exhaust fans to provide continuous air circulation for your horses .
  • Oats: We keep our horses warm and healthy with a supply, for example, freshly-cooked oats made and with our special ingredients.
State of the art Barns

Experience the Benefits of State-of-the-Art Barns at GMP Farm. Certainly all were designed for the safety and comfort of the horses and their people. To clarify with natural light and ventilation, secure stalls, and floor plans that maximize function while minimizing the workload. Therefore, insuring keeping optimal health for both horse and worker.

GMP Farm’s State Of The Art Barns Were Designed By A Highly Knowledgeable, Integral And Generational Expert Horseman. With Intuitive Talent With Ability And Vision. Paying Attention To Critical Detail Always Keeping The Equine Breed First And Foremost.


Discover the benefits while your horse is in Training when you couple therapies such as our Thermal Imaging before using our Cryotherapy treatment . See the difference it makes after with your own eyes!

Located 15-20 minutes to Saratoga Race course – and stay up to date for the 2023 meet. Additionally look for tips in the‘s daily paper and or pink slip.

When choosing your next treatment for your Equine Athlete, consider your stay at The Brunswick B&B.  Also, the beautiful, historic UNION GABLES B&B for your own R&R. You can also visit Sacred Spa and Wellness located right on GMP Farm’s grounds. Treat yourself to a Holistic approach in overall fitness and wellness.

Rehabilitation for all breeds

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