Vibration Floor Therapy

Significantly Improves Hoof Growth – A Study Published in Research in Veterinary Science

Vibration Floor Therapy – Studies showed that when utilized, treatments resulted in a significant increase in hoof growth of up to 40% within the first 30-60 days of twice daily sessions on the vibrating floor. For example, once treatment ceased, the hoof growth went back to its original rate. Nonetheless, this indicates what a positive influence the Vibration Floor has on blood circulation and healing. However, with it being such a non-invasive and safe treatment, it can be applied to countless health and hoof issues.

Vibration Floor Therapy Facts and Advantages

Vibration Floor Therapy

  • Significant muscle power increases after only 10 minutes per day for 10 days on the Vitafloor.
  • Horses trained on a vibrating plate can accelerate faster, from a standstill and develop more elevation in their stride. With trotters, elasticity and flexibility increase.
  • Tests show in fact it has a positive effect on the warming up by causing less energy to be needed for the transition into trot.
  • Benefits and shortens the recovery processes, especially of tendon injuries.
  • Shorter training sessions necessary so less man hours needed for more power, flexibility and stamina in your horses.
  • Less risk for muscle or tendon tears and bone fractures.
  • Competitive advantage due to greater acceleration with less energy exerted.
  • Enables horses to be rehabilitated with less supervision, so less labor-intensive.
  • Very suitable and effective for rehabilitating horses on box-rest or too difficult to manage in hand.
  • Bone scans at UC Davis show it regenerates bone density not just in the legs, but also in the ribs.
  • Stimulates blood circulation through the entire body.
  • By placing your hands on the horse, you can feel the vibrations from the Floor all the way up through the shoulders.


  • Vibration training is the non-invasive only treatment with a documented positive effect on osteoporosis (brittle bones) and the disease Silicosis.
  • Increase of bone density by up to 20% (human study).
  • Helps in the prevention and treatment of colic.
  • Also helps in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, joint soreness, laminitis, and navicular disease.
  • Excelerates healthier and faster hoof growth – important for horses with hoof problems.
  • Lowers cortisol levels for relaxation.
  • Used during training, uses energy and burns fat.
  • Raises production of testosterone.
  • Preliminary veterinary studies show it helps increase some back muscles and promotes suppleness.
  • Horses (and owners) love it!

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